Capitum is a debt collection company
providing legal services.


Why enlist Capitum instead of a conventional debt collection agency?

  • No Cure, No Pay. We only take payment when we are successful!
  • Fast. We act quickly and directly to negotiate a solution or, if necessary, begin legal action.
  • Simple. It is easy to enlist our help, just contact us and we will get started!
  • No commitment. There is no need to subscribe, pay an initial fee or make any other commitment to Capitum.
  • Know-how. Your case will always be handled by an experienced solicitor/adviser.
  • Peace of mind. You always have full access to information about your case. Our work is also monitored by the Swedish Data Inspection Board.
As a customer of Capitum you receive personal and professional assistance from solicitors when you need help to secure payment from your “awkward” customers.

Capitum is a debt collection company providing legal services.

Our mission is to help our clients obtain payment while maintaining good relations between you and your customers. Capitum achieves this by negotiating solutions that are good for both parties.

If it is not possible to reach a solution by negotiation it is almost always because the company or individual has no intention of paying.  
Capitum’s solicitors then propose an alternative course of legal action that is best suited to the case in hand. This usually means that a solution is reached within one month. If instead a conventional debt collection agency is enlisted to handle such a case it can often take six months to resolve a complex case – by which time it is often too late to secure any payment against the debt or debts you are owed.

Capitum works on the “No Cure, No Pay” principle, in other words we only take payment when we succeed in recovering money. This means that you can also hand over your “stubborn cases” to Capitum. It costs nothing extra.

We carry out recovery of large debts in Sweden and abroad. We also recover smaller debts using case information submitted on computer file, from mail order companies, for example. Large, complex cases are always handled by a solicitor. As well as taking legal action on large debt recovery cases we also work with protection of intellectual rights, contract assessment, examination of bankruptcies, etc.

Debt collection abroad

Capitum ’s foreign cases are handled by an international network that covers the EU countries and much of the rest of the world. Aided by an IT system and international contacts with law firms around the world we can ensure short lead times for payments.
All foreign cases are handled professionally by our representatives and partners, who have commercial law expertise in their own countries’ legal systems and practice.

The first stage involves sending a demand letter from Sweden to establish contact with the debtor. Capitum then conducts negotiation by telephone so as to achieve quick results.

If necessary, Capitum then proceeds to stage two, which entails handing over the case to the local representative of our international network. In the EU the case is handled by a solicitor/commercial lawyer in the relevant country, just as it is in the Baltic countries, where our network is particularly strong. Our network also includes good contacts in other parts of the world.

We charge for our services on the “no cure, no pay” basis, i.e. we only take commission if we succeed in recovering a debt on our client’s behalf. An initial fee is added, however, to cover Capitum ’s expenses in Sweden. Solicitors’ fees are charged in the usual way if legal action is required. Details of these fees can be provided for approval by the client before the case is taken further.

Examples of steps in the dept collection process:

1. Collection demand
2. Negotiation by telephone
3. Debtor assessment
4. Local representative in relevant country

We work on the “No Cure, No Pay” principle, i.e. we only charge when we succeed in recovering debts on behalf of our client. We do charge Capitum’s expenses in Sweden.


Large, complex cases are always handled by a solicitor. As well as taking legal action on large debt recovery cases we also work with protection of intellectual rights, contract assessment, examination of bankruptcies, etc.
In the event of legal proceedings we often give a fixed price. Some of our clients also use us as their company lawyer, as we have a good insight and understanding regarding our clients’ business. We are also quick, and hence cost-effective. One particularly important element is getting to know and understand each other. We put special emphasis on acting as a personal and professional partner to our clients. You pay us when we achieve results, and good advice costs nothing extra.
Examples of steps:

  • Negotiation
  • Bankruptcy request
  • Bankruptcy petition
  • Application for summons

  • Transfer/settlement of debt
  • Seizure
  • Board responsibility
  • Surcharge for execution

  • Order to pay and assistance
  • Order to pay
  • Proof of debt in bankruptcy
  • Other legal action

Credit checks

When analyzing our clients’ credit policies we almost always emphasize the importance of using credit information effectively. Naturally we use such information on a daily basis for our own purposes and on behalf of our clients. We also sell credit information ourselves, which means that our smaller clients can take advantage of prices that are otherwise only available to large users of credit information.

The ability to obtain relevant information on customers and partner companies is an important tool for both domestic and international businesses. Capitum offers a complete service in the form of both database credit checks and manual credit checks. Our network is invaluable for this purpose, as we can ask local representatives to carry out the necessary checks and quickly present fresh and relevant information. If required, Capitum can also ensure that the information is translated into the required language.